Malta Ship & Yacht Registration

Our firm currently represents more than 200 ships and yachts registered in Malta. Virtually any type of vessel, from pleasure yachts to oil rigs, may be registered in the name of juridical persons, bodies or entities. Should the need arise, a Maltese ship may also be bareboat charter registered under another a foreign flag.


Registration of ships and yachts under the Maltese flag and registered under the ownership of a Malta Shipping Company offers many advantages, a few of them are the following:


  • low company formation and ship registration costs
  • no restrictions on the nationality of the ship owner
  • Attractive tax benefits for vessels and yachts qualifying as tonnage-tax paid vessels
  • no restrictions on the nationality of the master, officers and crew
  • no restrictions on the sale or transfer of shares of a company owning Maltese registered ships and attractive fiscal advantages on said transfers
  • no restrictions on the sale and mortgaging of tonnage-tax paid vessels and fiscal advantages on said sales
  • no requirement to submit annual audited financial statements to the Inland Revenue Department - instead a tax declaration in lieu of an income tax return is submitted annually. The Ship-owner therefore has discretion whether to prepare and draw up such audited statements. Although not obligatory, our offices generally recommend that that this be done just the same for transparency reasons.
  • In the case of yachts, the VAT on yacht leasing regulations allow prospective clients to pay an effective rate of as little as 5.4% VAT on the value of the yacht on the lease.
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