Malta Company

The formation of a Maltese Shipping Company is a straightforward operation and normally actual incorporation can be established within 24 hours. There are no nationality requirements as to both the shareholders and directors of the Maltese Shipping Company. Shipping companies incorporated by our Firm will typically have their registered address at our own address and we will also act as Company Service Providers.   Maltese Shipping Companies are established under the... Read More
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Malta Ship & Yacht Registration

Our firm currently represents more than 200 ships and yachts registered in Malta. Virtually any type of vessel, from pleasure yachts to oil rigs, may be registered in the name of juridical persons, bodies or entities.    Registration of ships and yachts under the Maltese flag and registered under the ownership of a Malta Shipping Company offers many advantages, a few of them are the following:   low company formation and ship registration costs no... Read More
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The Maltese Aircraft Registration regime has been subject to substantial amendments and advancements in recent years, in fact the new Aircraft Registration Act (the “Act”) came into force in 2010 and the implementation of the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and its Aircraft Protocol was ratified in February 2011. The Act addresses several important issues including the different types of registrants, the concept of fractional ownership and the... Read More
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Malta Ship & Yacht Finance

Our firm has for many years, represented both ship owners as well as several banks advising and assisting them with the drafting and registration of mortgages over Malta registered ships.   The registration of a mortgage grants the bank or any other financial institution a first ranking claim over the ship or yacht itself. Mortgages enjoy a relatively high ranking among maritime claims and the bank will thus be likely to rank above any other creditor.   Vessels... Read More
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Nominee & Fiduciary Services

Please note that should one prefer, our affiliate Camco Holdings Limited , owned and controlled by our firm and authorized by the Malta Financial Services Authority to act as trustee / fiduciary, may appear as fiduciary shareholder on behalf of the underlying beneficial owners and/or director/s. We currently offer this service to several of our clients.   Malta Trusts   Malta Trusts are regulated by the Trusts & Trustees Act 2004, Chapter 331, Laws of... Read More
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One of Malta’s key advantages is the extensive network of double tax treaties with almost all the important OECD countries. Malta grants relief from double taxation under the credit method on the source by source and country by country bases.  The Maltese tax regime governing double taxation relief includes not only treaty relief but also unilateral relief, thereby ensuring that income arising from overseas is not subject to double taxation, even if there is no double taxation... Read More
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