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Camco Holdings Limited

Camco Holdings Limited is a Maltese company registered as a licensed nominee under the Trusts and Trustees Act, Chapter 331, Laws of Malta. The company was registered on 9th August 1996 and forms part of the Camco Group of Companies in Malta. At present the group employs professional personnel guaranteeing expedious service, quality and efficiency. The company actively provides fiduciary and nominee services for a number of Malta Companies as well as the setting up and administration of Trusts in Malta, setting up of Maltese on-shore Ship-Management Companies as well as Malta Companies engaged in trading and / or holding activities. Please feel free to get in touch with us so that we can discuss the possible and best alternatives that suit your requirements.


Camco Ltd (Shipping Services & Resident Agency Services)


At present Camco Ltd, a Maltese Company registered and regulated by the Companies Act, 1995, incorporated on 3rd April 1980, and forming part of the Camco Group of Companies in Malta, provides services to approximately two hundred ship and yacht-owning companies. Ships and yachts owned by foreign persons, both natural and judicial, may also be registered with the Malta Registry of Ships without having to incorporate a company here in Malta. To this effect, Camco Ltd has been actively involved in offering Resident Agent / Agency services for International Owners wishing to register ships here in Malta. Please contact us should you wish to obtain any details to this effect.